GPS Coordinate of

Centurion South Africa

Central address: Mimosa Ave, Knoppieslaagte 385-Jr, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Elevation: 1453.591
Time Zone: Africa/Johannesburg

Latitude: 25° 51' 50.5044'' S
Longitude: 28° 5' 19.8888'' E

A centurion (Latin: centurio; Greek: κεντυρίων, kentyríōn, or ἑκατόνταρχος, hekatóntarkhos) was a professional officer of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. Most centurions commanded groups of centuries of around 80 legionaries but senior centurions commanded cohorts or took senior staff roles in their legion. Centurions were also found in the Roman navy. In the Byzantine Army, they are also known by the name kentarch (κένταρχος, kentarchos). Their symbol of office was the vine staff, with which they disciplined even Roman citizens protected from other forms of beating by the Porcian Laws.

GPS coordinate of Centurion, South Africa

The latitude of Centurion is -25.864029, and the longitude is 28.088858. Centurion is a city is located at South Africa with the gps coordinates of 25° 51' 50.5044'' S and 28° 5' 19.8888'' E. The elevation of Centurion is 1453.591, the time zone is Africa/Johannesburg.

Elevation1453.591DMS Lat25° 51' 50.5044'' S
DMS Lng28° 5' 19.8888'' EGeoHASHke7uz5tejgd96
UTM Zone35JUTM Easting609099.804240266
UTM Northing7138921.56483769Time ZoneAfrica/Johannesburg
CountrySouth AfricaCountry Code27